Maps for Hospitals designs several attractive and functional maps to help patients and visitors understand the layout of the campus and how to navigate the interior of the facility.

Campus Map – The campus map provides an overhead view displays the surrounding roads, campus entrances, parking areas, the hospital and other appropriate buildings, and the main entrances. The campus map is extremely helpful for orientating visitors to the layout of the hospital area. Maps for Hospitals offers two different campus maps – 3-D aerial view and 2-D site plan.

Campus Map, 3-D Aerial Rendering – Our popular 3-D rendering provides the user with an aerial view of your entire campus. The detailed architectural drawing helps give your clients a visual image of your hospital and directs them to the correct entrance and parking area. The impressive 3-D rendering adds a “wow” factor to your map.

Click here for a Campus Map Aerial View Sample

Campus Map, 2-D Site Plan – The site plan map provides a 2-D overhead view of your campus. This view shows the outlines of roads and parking areas while highlighting the hospital and outbuildings.  The easy to read campus map helps visitors find the appropriate parking area and entrance.

Click here for a Campus Map Site Plan Sample

Floor Plans Maps for Hospitals knows how to simplify complex floor plans so patients and visitors can easily and successfully navigate through the interior of your hospital. The key to a successful floor plan layout is making it uncluttered and easy to read. Our floor plans highlight important public oriented features such as important departments, elevators, stairs, restrooms, waiting areas, gardens, vending areas – whatever your hospital needs.

Click here for a Floor Plan Sample

Vicinity MapMaps for Hospitals easy to read vicinity map depicts major interstates and roads near your campus. The vicinity map successfully directs visitors to your hospital campus. The vicinity map can also include your satellite facilities, clinics, and other important locations.

Click here for a Vicinity Map Sample